11th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

November 4-7, 2003

                       CALL FOR PAPERS

11th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP'03)

                      Atlanta, Georgia
                     November 4-7, 2003


ICNP is a highly selective conference dealing with all aspects of
communication protocols including design, specification, analysis,
verification, implementation, and performance.  The program consists
of a full day of tutorials followed by a single three-day track of
peer-reviewed papers, including a limited number of invited talks and
panels.  The web page will contain up-to-date information on the
conference program and tutorials.

High-quality papers dealing with any aspect of network protocols are
solicited for submission to the conference.  Topics of particular
interest include, but are not limited to: 

protocol testing and analysis        protocol design and implementation
network measurement and monitoring           ad-hoc and sensor networks 
peer-to-peer/overlay protocols                        routing protocols 
wireless and mobile networks                                   security 
multimedia                                           distributed gaming 
QoS                                                           signaling 
flow and congestion control                active/programmable networks


Register title, abstract and author affiliations:   May 9, 2003 
Paper submission (hard deadline):                   May 16, 2003 
Acceptance:                                         July 25, 2003 
Camera ready:                                       August 25, 2003 


Kevin Almeroth, UC Santa Barbara
Ken Calvert, U. of Kentucky


Jorg Liebeherr, U. of Virginia
Ellen Zegura, Georgia Tech


Kevin Almeroth, UC Santa Barbara
Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Tech
Paul Barford, U. of Wisconsin
Bobby Bhattacharjee, U. of Maryland
Ernst Biersack, Eurecom
Milind Buddhikot, Bell Labs
John Byers, Boston University
Andrew Campbell, Columbia University
Reuven Cohen, Technion
John Crowcroft, U. of Cambridge
Constantinos Dovrolis, Georgia Tech
Wolfgang Effelsberg, U. of Mannheim
Magda El Zarki, UC Irvine
Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside
Serge Fdida, U. of Pierre and Marie Curie
Lixin Gao, U. of Massachusetts
Tim Griffin, AT&T

Katie Guo, Bell Labs
Teruo Higashino, Osaka University
Sugih Jamin, U. of Michigan
Ed Knightly, Rice University
Jim Kurose, U. of Massachusetts
Tom Laporta, Penn State University
Brian Levine, U. of Massachusetts
Steven Low, CalTech
Ibrahim Matta, Boston University
Sue Moon, Sprint ATL
Klara Nahrstedt, U. of Illinois
Venkat Padmanabhan, Microsoft Research
Kihong Park, Purdue University
Sanjoy Paul, Bell Labs
Jennifer Rexford, AT&T
Dan Rubenstein, Columbia University
Srini Seshan, CMU
R. Srikant, U. of Illinois
Rolf Stadler, Royal Institute of Technology
Ioannis Stavrakakis, University of Athens
Peter Steenkiste, CMU
Joe Touch, ISI
Don Towsley, U. of Massachusetts
Hasan Ural, U. of Ottawa
Jim Xu, Georgia Tech
David Yau, Purdue University