ICNP 2008 Poster Session Papers

Multilink Transfer over Heterogeneous Networks
Dominik Kaspar (Simula Research Laboratory, Norway), Audun Fosselie Hansen (Telenor R&I, Norway), Carsten Griwodz (University of Oslo Norway)

Is it Practical to Offload AI over the Network?
Jiaqiang Bai, Daryl Seah, and Ben Leong (National University of Singapore)

Bandwidth-efficient delay- and loss-tolerant overlay routing
Wojciech Galuba (EPFL), Karl Aberer (EPFL), Zoran Despotovic (DOCOMO Euro-Labs), Wolfgang Kellerer (DOCOMO Euro-Labs)

Leveraging Social Contacts for Message Confidentiality in Delay Tolerant Networks
Karim El Defrawy, John Solis, and Gene Tsudik (UCI)

Power-Saving Hybrid CAMs for Parallel IP lookups
Heeyeol Yu (Texas A&M), Rabi Mahapatra (Texas A&M), Uichin Lee (UCLA)

Protective Internet Protocol (PIP)
Zhenhua Liu (Tsinghua University), Xiaoping Zhang (Tsinghua University), Lars Westberg (Ericsson), Youjian Zhao (Tsinghua University), Ling Chen (Ericsson)

Decoupling Congestion Control Using Traffic Aggregates and Middleboxes
Niklas Neumann, Ralf Lubben, Mayutan Arumaithurai, Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen)

A Winning-Probability-based Incentive Scheme in Vehicular Networks
Feng Li and Jie Wu (Florida Atlantic University)

How Private are WLAN traces
Udayan Kumar, Ahmed Helmy (University of Florida)

Computational Trust for Peer-to-Peer Web Services
Hisham Salah (Virginia Tech), Mohamed Eltoweissy (Virginia Tech), Ayman Abdel-Hamid (Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Egypt)

Topology Generation for Protocol Design and Testing
Ganesha Bhaskara, Sandeep Gupta, Ahmed Helmy (University of Florida)

First-Aid Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Streaming
Tieying Zhang, Fuxin Ren, Xueqi Cheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Performance Analysis and Improvement of Express Forwarding in Wireless Mesh Networks
Jiazhen Zhou, Kenneth Mitchell (University of Missouri - Kansas City)

TO-GO: TOpology-assist Geo-Opertunistic Routing in Urban Vehicular Grids
Kevin C. Lee, Uichin Lee, Mario Gerla (UCLA)

Visualization and Representation of Mobile Networks
Jeeyoung Kim, Wei-jen Hsu, Sungwook Moon, Udayan Kumar, Ahmed Helmy (University of Florida)

Fast Detection of Node Replication Attacks in Mobile Sensor Networks
Jun-Won Ho, Matthew Wright, Sajal K. Das (University of Texas at Arlington)

The Challenges of Accurate Mobility Prediction for Ultra Mobile Users
Jeeyoung Kim, Ahmed Helmy (University of Florida)