ICNP Minority Faculty Travel Grant Program


The purpose of the IEEE ICNP Minority and Minority-Serving Faculty Travel Grant Program (funded by a grant from NSF) is to encourage the participation in ICNP by US faculty members from under-represented minorities or faculty members of US institutions (including Puerto Rico) that are primarily serving under-represented minorities. Applications will be accepted from all faculty members satisfying these criteria.

Application Process

An application for a minority or minority-serving faculty travel award should include the faculty member's resume and a cover letter highlighting how s/he would benefit from attending ICNP (including which areas in the ICNP program would impact the faculty member's teaching and research) and include a brief summary of related teaching and research interests and accomplishments, which should demonstrate a serious interest in the subject matters of the conference, evidenced by recent or planned course offerings and projects.

Applications should be send via email (no snail mail will be accepted or considered) to Kevin Almeroth at almeroth@cs.ucsb.edu with "ICNP
Minority Travel Grant Application for <name of applicant>" as the subject line. ASCII format is highly preferable; PDF is acceptable.

Travel Grant Details

The amount of support provided to each awardee is intended to defray (and not necessary cover all) the costs incurred  towards registration, travel, and lodging at the conference hotel. We do not anticipate making any awards exceeding $1000, which leaves either $550 (IEEE Member) or $425 (non-IEEE member) for travel and lodging.  The travel award will be handled via reimbursements. For any expense that is covered, a receipt is required (e.g., airfare and hotel receipts). The reimbursement will be sent as a check via mail six to eight weeks after receipt of reimbursement forms.  Details will be communicated to award recipients.

Important note:  all paperwork for reimbursement must be submitted before leaving ICNP 2006.  It will be the facult member's responsibility to ensure all paperwork has been submitted before leaving the conference.  If this requirement is not met, the ICNP travel grant will be forfeit.  This means every faculty member must be prepared to provide all original receipts and copies of relevant documentation.  Plan accordingly:  if planning to use airfare as a source of reimbursement, ask for a duplicate receipt upon check-in at the airport; if planning to use hotel costs as a source of reimbursement, ask for a duplicate receipt before or at check-out.  (These two sources of expenses, plus the conference registration fee, are expected to be more than sufficient to cover the award amount.)  Non-US citizens should bring a copy of their passport, visa, and I-94.

An application for this travel grant is an implicit acceptance of these terms.

Important Dates