Call for Student Posters

The ICNP 2004 conference will have a student poster session to showcase partially completed research or "work-in-progress". The poster session will provide a great chance for students to obtain feedback on ongoing research from knowledgable conference attendees. Topics of interest are:

  • protocol testing and analysis
  • network measurement and monitoring
  • peer-to-peer/overlay protocols
  • wireless and mobile networks
  • QoS and signaling
  • multimedia
  • protocol design and implementation
  • security and resiliency
  • routing protocols
  • ad-hoc and sensor networks
  • flow and congestion control
  • distributed gaming

The primary author of a poster submission must be a student. While the poster need not describe completed work, it should report on research for which at least preliminary results are available.

Poster proposals must be submitted as a single postscript or pdf file with no more than 2 pages. The first page must contain an abstract describing the research content of the poster, along with title, authors, institutional affiliations and contact information.

Important Dates:
Submission deadline - July 23rd, 2004
Acceptance notification - August 6th, 2004

A poster must be submitted by email to with the pdf (preferably) or postscript file of the poster as an attachment. The subject of the email should be "ICNP 2004 - Student Poster Submission".

Any questions should be emailed to the Student Poster Chair, Sneha Kumar Kasera ( or Hans Scholten (

An accepted poster must be presented in text and figures, describing the research, on a 30'' by 40'' rectangular board. The authors may choose to print out several sheets of papers, or a single large poster paper.