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Participants are kindly asked to register in advance - before September 11th, 2004




Registration  period

before September 11th, 2004

after September 10th, 2004


Member fee

Euro 475.00 

Euro 540.00

non-Member fee

Euro 595.00 

Euro 675.00

Student fee

Euro 295.00 

Euro 350.00


Member fee

Euro 175.00

Euro 225.00

non-Member fee

Euro 220.00 

Euro 280.00

Student fee

Euro 80.00 

Euro 100.00

Extra Ticket for Social Event
Euro 50.00

how to register:

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"Member" means, you have a membership either in IEEE or GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik, German Informatics Society). This also applies to members of the Swiss Informatics Society with a joint GI membership.


We ordered rooms for the ICNP 2004 conference in the following hotels: All hotels are in walking distance to the conference venue. Further information about the hotels can be found via the reservation link.


We would like you to reserve your rooms as soon as possible in order to assure them.

Please note: reservations are valid till beginning of September (due to Berlin reservation rules). After September 1st, 2004 we cannot guarantee that you get a room in the above listed ICNP hotels, it might be also another hotel.

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact us via:
Registration /
Hotel Reservation