ICNP 97 Electronic Submission Instructions

Filename Format

The filename for your submission should be constructed as follows.
<Contact Author Last Name> -<First character from each word of the title of paper>.ps


Suppose George P. Burdell is the contact author for the paper Networked and Wild Gnus: A Survey . The filename would be Burdell-NaWGAS.ps. Note that case should be preserved, and punctuation should be omitted.

FTP Instructions

Once the filename is properly constructed, it should be deposited via anonymous ftp to the server ftp.cc.gatech.edu, in the directory /conferences/icnp97/Incoming. You will be able to put your file there, but not view the contents of the directory.


An example of a typical ftp session is given below.
	% ftp ftp.cc.gatech.edu
	Connected to santanni.cc.gatech.edu.
	220 santanni.cc.gatech.edu FTP server (Version wu-2.4.2-academ[BETA-12](1) Fri Feb 7 15:42:39 EST 1997) ready.
	Name (ftp.cc.gatech.edu:George.Burdell): anonymous
	331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
	Password: type in your e-mail address here
	230-	Welcome to the Georgia Tech College of Computing FTP service.
	230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
	ftp> cd /conferences/icnp97/Incoming
	250 CWD command successful.
	ftp> binary
	200 Type set to I.
	ftp> put Burdell-NaWGAS.ps
	200 PORT command successful.
	150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for Burdell-NaWGAS.ps.
	226 Transfer complete.
	local: Burdell-NaWGAS.ps remote: Burdell-NaWGAS.ps
	some bytes sent in 0.0024 seconds (1.2e+08 Kbytes/s)
	ftp> bye
	221 Goodbye.
Please make sure that the number of bytes transferred is exactly the number of bytes in your file.

Mail Notification

Your submission will be processed only when we receive a mail message in the following format. The mail should be sent to icnp97@cc.gatech.edu. The subject of the mail should be exactly Submission Notification.
(We advise cutting and pasting from this web page, to ensure accuracy.) The body of the message must be of the format given below.

When your file has been successfully deposited in our paper database, an automatic notification will be sent back to you. If you do not receive this notification, or if the automated mail message indicates an error, you may have to resubmit (re ftp) your paper, and send another mail message. Upon repeated failures, you will have to contact us by mail or telephone.

Format of Mail Message

The format of the submission notification message is given below:
@@@ Paper Title:  

@@@ Exact Filename: 

@@@ Contact Author:  

@@@ Contact Author E-mail:  

@@@ Abstract:  


An example of the use of this form is given below :

      % mail icnp97@cc.gatech.edu
        Subject: Submission Notification
        @@@ Paper Title:  Networked and Wild Gnus: A Survey 

        @@@ Exact Filename: Burdell-NaWGAS.ps

        @@@ Contact Author:  George P. Burdell

        @@@ Contact Author E-mail:  George.Burdell@GnuDomain

        @@@ Abstract: 
        Networked and Wild Gnus: A Survey 

        This paper is a timely survey of the two most common forms of
        gnus --- networked and wild gnus.  As we know, gnus roamed
        wild until just a few years ago when curiously, they started to
        network.  Now, there are at least two distinct types of gnus,
        the wild and the networked gnu.

Note that the title, filename, author name, and author e-mail address should be on the same line as the "@@@" tags. The abstract can extend beyond the "@@@ Abstract: " line and can be of any length. Please do NOT modify the e-mail form, i.e. do not delete the "@@@" signs, nor should the ":" colons be deleted or moved. Modification to the template will probably result in an error.

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