1996 International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP '96)

October 29-November 1, 1996
Columbus, Ohio

Opening Session:

Krishan K. Sabnani, Bell Laboratories, USA 
David Lee, Bell Laboratories, USA 
David M. Rouse, Bell Laboratories, USA Hasan Ural, University of Ottawa, Canada

Keynote Address:
The Integration of Wireless Communication with High-Speed Integrated Networks
Robert G. Gallager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Session 1: Scheduling
Chair: Sudhir Aggarwal

1. Time-Shift Scheduling: Fair Scheduling of Flows in High-Speed Networks
J.A. Cobb, M.G. Gouda, and A. El Nahas

2. An Efficient Adaptive Search Algorithm for Scheduling Real-Time Traffic
G.G. Xie and S.S. Lam

3. End-to-End Scheduling in Real-Time Packet-Switched Networks
I.R. Philp and J.W.S. Liu

Session 2: Protocol Design
Chair: Norio Shiratori

4. A Video Retrieval Protocol with Video Data Prefetch and Packet Retransmission Considering Play-Out Dead Line
T. Hasegewa, T. Hasegawa, T. Kato, and K. Suzuki

5. Quality of Service Support in High-Speed, Wormhole Routing Networks
M. Gerla, B. Kannan, B. Kwan, P. Palnati, S. Walton, E. Leonardi, and F. Neri

6. Group Communication Protocol for Flexible Distributed Systems
H. Higaki and M. Takizawa

7. Protocol Portability through Module Encapsulation
B. Krupczak, K. Calvert, and M. Ammar

Session 3: Protocol Testing and Validation
Chair: Yow-Jian Lin

8. Optimization Problems from Feature Testing of Communication Protocols
D. Lee and M. Yannakakis

9. Partial-Order Validation for Multi-Process Protocols Modeled as Communicating Finite State Machines
H. Liu and R.E. Miller

10. Fault Tolerant Multiple Observers Using Error Control Codes
G. Noubir, B.Y. Choueiry, and H.J. Nussbaumer

11. Timed Reachability Analysis Method for EFSM-Based Communication Protocols and Its Experimental Evaluation
S. Nagano, Y. Hatakeyama, Y. Kakuda, and T. Kikuno

Session 4: Multicasting
Chair: Jean Charles Gregoire

12. Flow Control Techniques for Multicasting in Gigabit Networks
X. Chen, L.E. Moser, and P.M. Melliar-Smith

13. Novel Algorithms for Multicast Communication in Self-Routing MIN-Based ATM Switches
J. Park, H. Yoon, and J.W. Cho

14. A Comparison of Known Classes of Reliable Multicast Protocols
B.N. Levine and J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves

Session 5: Routing
Chair: Thomas Y.C. Woo

15. A Simple Host Deflection Scheme for High-Speed LANs Using Wormhole Routing
P.-C. Hu and L. Kleinrock

16. Dynamic Routing of Real-Time Virtual Circuits
I. Matta and A.U. Shankar

17. Setup-Trail-Avoidance Routing Algorithm
M.T. Bushche and C.J. Olszewski

Panel Session : Real-time Communication on the Internet is Realistic

Moderator: Sanjoy Paul Panelists: Ender Ayanoglu, Raj Jain, Simon S. Lam, Krishan K. Sabnani, and Henning Schulzrinne

Session 6: Performance Improvements & Analysis
Chair: Yoshitaka Shibata

18. Full Utilization, Fairness and Bounded Access Delay on High-Speed Bus Networks
A.L. Chiu and R.G. Gallager

19. Architectural Concepts in Implementation of End-System Protocols for High-Performance Communications
K. Ravindran, G. Singh, and C.M. Woodside

20. On the Relationship between File Sizes, Transport Protocols, and Self-Similar Network Traffic
K. Park, G. Kim, and M. Crovella

21. Performance Analysis of a CAN / CAN Bridge
H. Ekiz, A. Kutlu, M.D. Baba, and E.T. Powner

Session 7: Congestion Control
Chair: David Su

22. A Cooperative Congestion Management Scheme for Switched High-Speed Networks
A.F. Lobo and A.S. Sethi

23. Evaluation of ABR Congestion Control Protocols for ATM LAN and WAN
W.M. Moh and M. Hegde

24. Congestion Control in TCP: Performance of Binary Congestion Notification Enhanced TCP Compared to Reno and Tahoe TCP
D. Sisalem and H. Schulzrinne

Session 8: ATM
Chair: Raed Awdeh

25. Protocol Specification Using Parameterized Communicating Extended Finite State Machines - A Case Study of the ATM ABR Rate Control Scheme
D. Lee, K.K. Ramakrishnan, W.M. Moh, and A.U. Shankar

26. A Protocol for Supporting the ABT/DT Capability
P. Crégut, F. Guillemin, and B. Heyd

27. The Token-Bank Leaky Bucket Mechanism for Group Connections in ATM Networks
S.-L. Wu and W.-S.E. Chen

Session 9: Channel Allocation & Media Access Protocols
Chair: Fuchun J. Lin

28. An Efficient Distributed Channel Allocation Algorithm Based on Dynamic Channel Boundaries
C.C. Lam

29. A Traffic Oriented Pre-Arbitrated Slot Reuse Scheme in DQDB Networks
Y. Yang and M.T. Liu

30. An Efficient Protocol for Call Setup and Path Migration in IEEE 802.6 Based Personal Communication Networks
X. Dong and T.-H. Lai

31. A CDMA-Based Multi-Priority Medium Access Control Protocol for Personal/Mobile Communication Networks with Integrated Traffic
D. Makrakis, F. Karray, R.S. Mander, L. Orozco-Barbosa, P. Papantoni-Kazakos
(paper not received in time for publication in proceedings)