2nd International Conference on Network Protocols
ICNP 1994
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 25 - 28

Advance Program



Keynote Address:     "The Future of ATM Networks"
Richard D. Gitlin, Dir. of Communications Systems Research, ATT Bell Laboratories

Session 1: Multicasting
Chair: Ken Calvert, Georgia Institute of Technology

1. Multicast Transport Protocols for High Speed Networks, S Paul, K.K. Sabnani, and D.M. Kristol
2. DUALCAST: A Scheme for Reliable Multicasting, S. Aggarwal and A. Raghav
3. Elements of Trusted Multicasting, L. Gong and N. Shacham

Session 2: Protocol Design and Performance
Chair: Sudhir Aggarwal, SUNY at Binghamton

4. Throughput Efficiency of a Link Management Procedure for LEO Satellite Systems, C. Ward, S. Mitra, and T.M. Phillips
5. An Iterative Approach to Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Integrated Services Networks, I. Matta and A.U. Shankar
6. Automatic Retransmission Rather than Automatic Repeat Request, A. Al-Zaman, J. DeDourek, and B. Kurz
7. Stutter XOR Strategies: A New Class of Multicopy ARQ Strategies, M. Aghadavoodi Jolfaei

Session 3: Protocol Testing
Chair: Ching-Sung Lu, Telecommunication Laboratories, Taiwan

8. Test Path Selection Based on Effective Domains, L-S. Koh and M.T. Liu
9. Automated Generation of Protocol Test Sequences from Formal Specifications, G.M. Lundy and C. Basaran

Session 4: Network Security
Chair: Hasan Ural, The University of Ottawa, Canada

10. Design, Verification and Implementation of an Authentication Protocol, T.Y.C. Woo and S.S. Lam
11. The ID-Based Non-Interactive Group Communication Key Sharing Scheme using Smart Cards, H.Sakakibara, K. Seki, K-I. Okada, and Y. Marsushita

Session 5: Verification and Validation
Chair Mohamed Gouda, The Univesity of Texas at Austin

12. Generalized Fair Reachability Analysis for Cyclic Protocols: Decidability of Logical Correctness Problems, H. Liu and R.E. Miller
13. Specification and Validation of Communications in Client/Server Models, F.J. Lin
14. Symbolic Simulation: Theory and Application to Protocol Modeling and Validation, R. Chandha and I Sebuktekin
15. Single-Link and Time Communicating Finite State Machines, W.l. Peng

Session 6: Protocol Synthesis
Chair: Udaya Shankar, The University of Maryland at College Park

16. Stepwise Telecommunication Software Generation from Service Specifications in State Transition Model, A. Takura and T. Ohta
17. Automated Synthesis of Protocol Specifications with Message Collisions and Verification of Timeliness, Y. Kakuda, H. Igarashi, and T. Kikuno
18. On the Construction of Multiphase Communication Protocols, G. Singh and M. Sammeta

Session 7: Protocol Development Methods
Chair: Wen-Shyen Eric Chen, National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan

19. Design Method for Communications Software Evolution, H. Okuyama, K. Moriyasu, and Y. Hirakawa
20. The Totem Protocol Development Environment, P. Ciarfella, L.E. Moser, P.M, Melliar-Smith, and D.A. Agarwal
21. Formalizations and Algorithms for Optimized Parallel Protocol Implementation, S. Leue and P Oechslin

Session 8: Protocol Design for Applications
Chair: Yow-Jian Lin, Bellcore

22. Multi-Rate Traffic Shaping and End-to-End Performance Guarantees in ATM, D. Saha, S. Mukherjee, and S.K. Tripathi
23. A Simulation Study of the Impact of Mobility on TCP/IP, P. Mansoni, D. Ghosal, and G. Serazzi
24. Distributed Synchronization Protocols for Multimedia Services on Internet, Z. Ali, M. Woo, and A. Ghafoor
25. Selective Total-Ordering Group Communication on Single High-Speed Channel, T. Tachikawa and M. Takizawa

Session 9:Fault-Tolerant Topology and Routing
Chair: David Cohen, Bellcore

26. Fault-Tolerant Reconfiguration of Trees and Rings in Networks, A Arora and A. Singhai
27. Fault-Tolerant Convergence Routing, B. Yener, I. Bhandari, Y. Ofek, and M. Yung
28. Dynamics of Token Ring Protocols, J.G. Waclawsky and M. Velauthapillai