4. Shopping

Xidan Commercial Street

Xidan Commercial Street is on Xidanbei Dajie, west of Tiananmen Square and is famous for commerce, entertainment, dinning, and finance and so forth. Like Wangfujing, you also can see modern and old stores here.

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing, a seven hundred-year-old commercial street, is located to the east of Tiananmen Square and stretches from Chinese Art Gallery to the Dongchan'an Avenue. It houses a wide variety of shops and boutiques where you can find all kinds of commodities.
Besides modern department stores, the Foreign Language Bookstore is also in this area. The Old-Beijing-Street is now seated underground, which was built and decorated in Ming and Qing style. The most popular sites for souvenir photos are the sculptures on both street sides, reflecting life of old Beijing.


The oldest commercial street in Beijing is Dasilan, the most famous and peculiar prosperous street. Its history can be traced back to five hundred and eighty years ago when the Emperor ordered to build fences to prevent thieves from hiding. The fences built here were quite peculiar and kept for a long time. Later, Big Fences became the name of this street: Dashilan. You can buy some traditional handcrafts as well.


Liulichang was reconstructed in 1984 and it adapted a Ching Dynasty architectural style. It is located on the southern side of Shinhwa Street, where there are many antique stores, bookstores, furniture stores and even handicraft and porcelain stores. Each store specializes in one item only. Liulichang has been loved by literary men for over 200 years, and many foreigners who love the Chinese culture visit this place. There is much construction going on at Liulichang Street.

Silk Alley (Xiushui Street)

Silk Alley lies in Xiushuidong Jie off Jianguomenwai Dajie, near US Embassy. It is a good place to buy cheaper goods and the resident foreigners in Beijing come here frequently. Whatever you want to buy, like bags, shoes, handicrafts or sweaters, you can bargain with the owners.



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