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You are allowed a total of NINE (9) pages for your paper. This includes all figures, tables, and references. Up to 2 extra pages may be purchased at a cost of US $300.00 per extra page. Please make checks out to UC Regents/ICNP 2001 and identify the conference and paper/author for each check. Please send extra pages charges to:

Maureen McLane (ICNP)
Bourns College of Engineering
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

PLEASE NOTE: Your paper is due by 31 August 2001.

PLEASE NOTE: A signed copyright release form is due by 31 August 2001.

PLEASE NOTE: An electronic abstract of your paper is due by 31 August 2001.

Please put the conference name - ICNP 2001 - on all correspondence, on the copyright form, and on any mailing envelope. This will assure that your correspondence is directed immediately to my desk.

Please submit your paper electronically to our FTP site. The paper should be uploaded at:

Please prepare your U.S. Letter-size(8.5" x 11") paper as plain ASCII PostScript only, with NO encoding, condensing, or encapsulation.
Please use TrueType 1 fonts wherever possible.
Fonts MUST be from Latin 1 Fontset. Our PostScript printers will not recognize any other fonts.
Do not use bitmapped versions of fonts such as Computer Modern if you can avoid it.
Guidelines for generating and submitting PostScript files are available on our Internet site at:


When transferring files to the FTP site, if you have a choice between ASCII and binary modes, use binary. Although ASCII mode works well most of the time, binary mode incurs fewer problems.

To upload files on the FTP site:

Please FAX your signed copyright release form to Frances Titsworth at +1 714 761 1784.

All proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press are now being included in the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library, and are available on-line through our web site.

An E-mailed abstract of your paper is necessary to include your paper in the on-line version of the ICNP 2001 Proceedings.

Please send an electronic copy of your abstract as an e-mail in ASCII format and including the paper title, keywords, author names, addresses, and affiliations, to .

If you have any questions, contact:

Frances Titsworth
IEEE Computer Society Press
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Fax: +1 714 761 1784