ICNP-95 Final Program November 10

ICNP-95 Final Program

Friday, November 10, 1995:

Plenary Session (9:00-10:00 a.m.)(Room A and B)

Session Chair:Yutaka Matsushita, Keio University, Japan
Keynote speech:Dr. Yukio Mizuno, President, NEC, Japan
"C&C Integrated Multimedia Toward 2000 in Japan"

Refreshment Break (10:00-11:00 a.m.)

Session 7A: Protocol Design (11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)(Room A)

Session Co-Chairs:
Mohamed Gouda, University of Texas, U.S.A.
Masataka Sugano, NTT Data, Japan
  1. A Timing-based schema for stabilizing information exchange in networks A. Arora, D. Poduska, The Ohio State University, U.S.A.
  2. A Neural Network Approach to Multicast Routing in Real-Time Communication Networks C. Pornavalai,G.Chakraborty,N.Shiratri. Tohoku University, Japan
  3. A Routing Protocol for Finding Two Node-Disjoint Paths in Computer Networks K. Ishida, Y. Kakuda, T. Kikuno, Hiroshima Prefectural University, Japan

Session 7B: Multimedia LANs(Room B)

Session Co-Chairs:
Ching-Sung Lu, Telecom Lab., MOTC, Taiwan
Osamu Takada, Hitachi, Japan
  1. Buffer Insertion/Self Token (BIST) Protocol for Multimedia LANs K. Tanno, A. Koyama, T. Taketa, and S. Noguchi, Yamagata University, Japan
  2. Nonpreemptive Scheduling Algorithms for Multimedia Communication in Local Area Network s S. Eun, J. Kim, B. Kim, H. Yoon, S. R. Maeng, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Tec hnology, Korea
  3. A Reliable Ordered Delivery Protocol for Interconnected Local-Area Networks D. A. Agarwal, L. E. Moser, P. M. Melliar-Smith, and R. K. Budhia, University of Californi a, U.S.A.

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